Production and Marketing of

Charcoal, Briquettes, Firewood, Wood.


The Green Charcoal is the result of a demanding industrialization and classification process. Due to the certificate of origin, The Green can ensure the properties of the coal it offers in addition to providing a large number of varieties in terms of technical characteristics to satisfy all the needs of the client.

¿About us?

The Green, we are a company founded in 2000 and we are dedicated to the production and marketing of charcoal from the beginning to the end customer. We have the highest international quality and environmental standards allowing it to adapt to all markets. Our products stand out for their controlled origin.

Our Jobs

Agroforestry and Industrial


Proud to deliver our products of international quality with a highly reliable service that allows us to reach demanding markets such as Argentina, Germany, Chile, Korea, Costa Rica, Russia, Spain, United States, with our own brand and / or the end customer’s brand. Greece, Guatemala, Holland.

Presentation on Kraft Paper

  • 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10Kg.
  • With customer’s design, with The Green design or without printing.
  •  2 o 3 sheets.

Polypropylene Presentation:

  • 15 Kg, 20 kg.
  • With customer’s design, with The Green design or without printing.
  • New or semi-new.


Where to find us

José Asunción Flores 969 e/Mcal.López Fernando de Mora – Paraguay



+595 981 718810

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